East Asia Country Programme

FORUM-ASIA’s East Asia Country Programme aims to advance human rights and democratic governance in East Asia by strengthening the civil society’s advocacy, capacity, networking and participation in governmental decision making at national, regional and international level.

Programme Objectives

  1. To strengthen the promotion and protection of freedom of expression, assembly and association in order to address gross human rights violations and impunity in East Asia.
  2. To enhance the realization of economic, social and cultural rights by East Asian governments.
  3. To enhance accountability, transparency and democratic governance of East Asian governments through the promotion of civil society engagement in national policies decision making and inter-governmental processes.
  4. To strengthen cooperation and solidarity among NGOs on human rights and democracy in East Asia through effective coalition building.
  5. To enhance the capacity of civil society organizations in East Asia in defending human rights and democratic governance.
  6. To consolidate and expand membership in East Asia in quantity and quality.


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