[From Our Members] Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism (Dakila) – National Women’s Month infographics
3 May 2023 12:58 pm

DAKILA, a valued member of FORUM-ASIA in the Philippines, has recently crafted an informative and insightful infographic on the occasion of National Women’s Month. In their original post, DAKILA highlights the importance of understanding and appreciating the legislative measures put in place to safeguard women’s human rights. They draw attention to significant laws such as the Magna Carta of Women, the Anti-VAWC Law, the Reproductive Health Act, and the Safe Spaces Act, which have been achieved through considerable effort and dedication.

The purpose of DAKILA’s infographic is to serve as a practical guide, enabling individuals to delve deeper into the Philippine legislative framework concerning women’s rights. By providing this valuable resource, DAKILA aims to empower and inform advocates, promoting a society where gender equality and justice prevail. Moreover, DAKILA emphasizes that the fight for women’s rights extends beyond the passage of laws and the designated month of celebration. It is an ongoing journey that demands continuous dedication and unwavering commitment until every Filipino can experience true justice—a society where a woman’s worth is not limited by societal stereotypes.

Find the original post on DAKILA’s Facebook page here