From Our Member Dignity-Kadyr-kassiyet, Kazakhstan – ‘Bir Kirpish / One brick from Kazakh’ campaign
28 May 2021 6:41 pm

Dignity-Kadyr-kassiyet (KK), FORUM-ASIA’s member in Kazakhstan, launched ‘Bir Kirpish’ also known as the ‘One Brick from Kazakh’ campaign to share the stories of how ordinary people have reported cases of human rights violations in Kazakhstan through UN mechanisms and successfully received redressal.

The complex experience of each person is like a brick that contributes to building a country where human rights are respected, protected and promoted. The campaign aims to tell the contribution these people.

These stories highlight how each of these people have contributed to the construction of a rights-respecting legislation, and that any one can take action.

Many Kazakhstanis do not know that anyone in the country may file a complaint through UN mechanisms if they are faced with human rights violations. By sharing these stories, Dignity-Kadyr-kassiyet hopes to demonstrate that anyone can report human rights abuses and receive expert opinions. The complaints mechanism is designed to be used by non-professional people. You do not need to be a lawyer or know legal and technical terms in order to file a complaint with the UN.

Those who have filed a complaint and received an expert opinion are invited to send their stories to [email protected].

Dignity-Kadyr-kassiyet has also launched a crowdfunding effort in conjunction with the campaign for the heroes in these stories who need it most. Find out more about the campaign and how you may contribute on their website (in Russian) or Instagram.