People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD)
14 December 2016 11:00 am

South Korea

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People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) is a non- governmental organisation based in Seoul, South Korea. We were founded in 1994 by activists, scholars and lawyers who were engaged in various democratic movements during the decades of military dictatorship. Until the 1980s, achievement of democracy was driven by people’s movements resisting government violence and oppression.
Eventually the military dictatorship, which lasted over three decades, was terminated by the power of the people. Nevertheless, democratisation was not fully realised immediately. The true realisation of democracy could only be achieved by the people who participate in socio-economic and political spheres of decision-making processes, and
closely monitor the abuse of power of the state and the corporations to enhance its transparency and accountability. PSPD aims to open a new era of participatory democracy and human rights, and has been working on promoting people’s participation in the Government’s decision making process and socio- economic reforms. PSPD does not receive any Government funding. We are 100 percent funded by individual donations and membership fees. To be an independent and transparent watchdog organisation, our mandate requires all staff and board members of PSPD to be politically impartial.

Areas of work:

PSPD mainly works on domestic issues in South Korea but also stands in solidarity with civil society organisations in other countries. PSPD works on: guaranteeing people’s participation in the Government decision making process; monitoring legislative, judicial and executive branches of the Government; establishing fair working conditions and economic justice, people’s livelihood, social welfare system; as well as the Government’s foreign policies. We also work on peace and disarmament, and monitor the Government’s official development assistance.

Main lines of work:

Lawsuits, legislations and petitions, requests for audit and inspections of the governmental administrative processes, publishing policy reports, international advocacy, press conferences, panel discussions and media publications, direct actions, press statements/ commentaries, publishing books and periodicals, public lectures and community courses, and internship programmes.

Contact Person:

Center for International Solidarity, [email protected]


16, Jahamunro 9-Gil, Jongno-Gu Seoul ROK 03036, South Korea