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Website: http://www.odhikar.org

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Odhikar was established in 1994. Odhikar’s vision is to see a society where every person can enjoy their rights and live a life with respect and dignity.
Odhikar’s mission is to:
• Promote human rights through awareness building, documentation, fact finding, monitoring and research,

• Advocate and lobby for the incorporation and ratification of various international instruments by the Government, and also for the enactment of human rights friendly laws and necessary amendments of existing laws,
• Fight against impunity and work for the prevention of extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances and torture,
• Foster mass awareness on rights and duties,
• Strengthen the human rights movement and establish participatory democracy and good governance in Bangladesh,
• Incorporate gender sensitivity in
strategic planning of all programmes and projects in consultation with human rights defenders (HRDs) and network members,
• Mobilise and network between the activities of its members, and enhance institutional capabilities of individual groups, organisations and agencies on human rights issues,
• Advocate, lobby and campaign for people’s participation in governance, and introduce participatory democracy,
• Monitor national and local Government elections to ensure a free and fair electoral process and ensure voter’s right to participate, and
• Facilitate mass awareness raising events on national and international days that create positive images of work.

Areas and main lines of work:

• Documentation and fact finding of human rights violations,
• Campaign against torture,
• Campaign against enforced disappearances,
• Monitor places of detention,
• Election monitoring,
• Human rights defenders training programme,
• Advocacy and networking on human rights issues,
• Research and publication,
• Organising seminars, workshops on different issues relating to human rights,
• Lobbying with policymakers, and
• Media campaign

Contact Person:

Adilur Rahman Khan (Secretary): [email protected]


House 35 (3rd Floor), Road 117, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh