Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) – Indonesia’s NGO Coalition for International Human Rights Advocacy
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The Human Rights Working Group (HRWG) was established in 2003 and is a permanent coalition of Indonesian non- governmental organisations working on various human rights issues across the archipelago. HRWG is an independent non-profit organisation and does not have any political affiliation.

Area of work:

The area of work or issues that have been a concern of HRWG are human rights issues covering child rights, women’s rights, urban poor, migrant labour rights, indigenous people’s rights, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights, corruption and human rights, environment and human rights, in Indonesia and at the regional level through the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), at international level within the United Nations Human Rights Mechanisms and Independent Permanent Commission of Human Rights (IPCHR) of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Main lines of work:

• Increase the effectiveness of lobby and advocacy work on human rights issues in Indonesia and at the international level, and
• Ensure the implementation by the Indonesian Government (Executive, Judiciary and Legislative bodies at national, provincial, and local level) of constitutional and international human rights obligations.
• In conducting its programmes and activities, HRWG adheres to the
following principles:
• HRWG focuses on human rights with respect to advocacy on the struggle for the right of self-determination according to Article 5, Vienna Declaration of 1993,
• HRWG adheres to international law in its advocacy,
• HRWG is part of the global human rights movement,
• HRWG upholds justice and gender equality, and
• HRWG is accountable to its members and the general public.


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