Human Rights Now (Affiliate Member)
12 August 2021 6:34 pm


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Human Rights Now (HRN) is an international human rights NGO based in Tokyo, Japan with UN special consultative status. HRN was established in 2006 by a group of human rights professionals, such as lawyers, scholars, and journalists, as the first international human rights NGO based in Japan. With over 700 members comprised of various human rights specialists, HRN works for the promotion and protection of human rights for people in the world, with a special focus on Asia.

In 2012, HRN obtained UN special consultative status, and we have actively engaged in the UN decision-making process to protect and promote human rights.

Currently, HRN has a presence in Tokyo, Osaka, New York , Geneva, and Myanmar and our activities extend throughout Asia and to conflict areas of the Middle-East.

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