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Equality Myanmar (EQMM), formerly known as the Human Rights Education Institute of Burma (HREIB), was established in 2000. The organisation facilitates a broad range of human rights trainings, advocacy programmes, and research and documentation projects which target civil society organisations and grassroots communities while engaging with local authorities, Government ministries, Members of Parliament and the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission (MNHRC). EQMM aims to contribute to the establishment of a peaceful, tolerant, and democratic society built on respect for dignity and human rights for all in Myanmar.

EQMM was initially established in northern Thailand in 2000, but re- established itself in Myanmar in 2013 and moved all operations and offices to Myanmar. For the past 15 years, EQMM has been working tirelessly to create a culture of human rights in Myanmar through education, capacity development and advocacy work.

EQMM’s education initiatives utilise a learner-centred, non-formal approach, which emphasises transformative learning that occurs at three levels: cognitive, attitudinal and behavioural. Collaboratively, these stages function to empower the people of Myanmar to identify and analyse the social problems in their communities and subsequently initiate rights-based solutions in response. EQMM’s human rights education modules are developed and updated within the framework of Myanmar’s social, cultural, and political context in order to ensure the human rights principles’ relevance, usefulness, and applicability. Providing training participants with practical tools to follow- up on human rights abuses strengthens both their autonomy as well as their capacity for social transformation and civic engagement. Annually, EQMM provides human rights trainings to approximately 1,600 direct participants.

EQMM also plays an active role in carrying out and coordinating a wide range of advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about the human rights situation in Myanmar at local, national, regional, and international levels. EQMM has extensive experience in building, supporting and participating in a strong network of organisations and actors across different sectors and levels of Myanmar society and empowers civil society actors to engage in advocacy at the national, regional and international level.

Additionally, the organisation produces human rights educational materials, audio/visual tools, and other multimedia resources to address the lack of human rights information available in Burmese and ethnic languages. The resources, including TV episodes, booklets, posters, animations, and magazines, provide those who cannot attend traditional face- to-face trainings with an opportunity to learn about various human rights issues.

Contact Person:

Aung Myo Min (Executive Director): [email protected]

Daren Moon (Deputy Director):[email protected]


No. 334/344, 2nd floor, Bagan Housing, 1st Street, Anawratha Road. Lanmadaw Township. Yangon.