Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC)
14 December 2016 11:26 am


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The vision of the Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) is people with self-reliance and dignity. Its mission is to enhance the power of land-poor farmers leading land and agrarian reforms. Its goal is land for land-poor farmers and their secure livelihoods.

CSRC is a leading social development organisation in Nepal working to empower people deprived of land rights to lead free, secure and dignified lives. CSRC works in 54 districts of Nepal collaborating with a nationwide organisation of landless, land-poor and small-holder farmers to lead the Land and Agrarian Rights Campaign. CSRC’s programmes have focused on: strengthening people’s organisation; conducting evidence based policy advocacy for pro-poor land reform and inclusive land governance; developing frontline activists and community leaders; and supporting agro-based enterprises and livelihood initiatives.

Since its establishment in 1993, CSRC has helped more than 39,307 landless and tenant farmers to obtain entitlements for the land they had been cultivating for generations and helped them to achieve economic security, social dignity, livelihood security and citizenship. CSRC’s work has led to major constitutional and policy reforms enabling land-poor people to claim and exercise their rights and helped to reduce the skewed power distribution that keeps landless farmers trapped in poverty.

CSRC is a rights-based organisation that believes in using non-violent methods and legal processes to achieve its goals. The pioneering tools adapted by the organisation include: legal literacy; popular education; participatory rural appraisal; participatory consultative processes; stakeholder engagement and management; social mobilisation; non-violent advocacy and campaigns; participatory monitoring and evaluation; and gender and social audits.


• Organise and mobilise land-poor farmers enabling them in claiming and exercising land and agrarian rights with improved livelihoods,
• Advance pro resource-poor farmers land and agrarian rights policies and governance,
• Reduce gender inequalities in access to and control over resources, by
strengthening women’s right to land, and
• Strengthen CSRC as a well-governed civil society organisation and a leading knowledge and resource base for non- violent social movements

Contact Person:

Jagat Deuja (Executive Director): [email protected]


Tokha Municipality, Ward 7, Dhapasi, Indrapuri Residential Area, House #361, Kathmandu, Nepal